Three Hiring Strategies to Increase Business Expertise in Your Church

Three Hiring Strategies to Increase Business Expertise in Your Church 300 225 The Provisum Group

The church is not a business. The church just conducts business. This is a difficult reality for certain churches to grasp. Some church leaders want to believe that no business acumen is required for running a church. While minimal business involvement may work some missional-style expressions of church, there are still many other churches that require business expertise.

My advice: in order for churches to conduct business effectively, there needs to be at least one person on staff who knows how to conduct business. This may seem elementary, but you would be surprised at the amount of churches who do not have at least one person with the expertise necessary to thrive in the changing American church climate.

If you are a church leader and you know you need business acumen help, you may need to hire people outside the congregation to help. Here’s some hiring advice.

First, hire people with proven track records. Look for people who have experience in what you need them to do. When interviewing, ask experience questions. Also, take time to think about the particular experiences of a businessperson and how it can translate to the nonprofit world.

Second, hire people with solid reputations. Look for people who recommended by others and who have something measurable to show for their “experience”. Follow up with referrals provided by an applicant and ask probing questions.

Third, consider alternative hiring solutions when possible. At The Provisum Group, we offer accounting, IT administration, and communications and marketing solutions to churches and other faith-based nonprofits. We save our church clients because we are a virtual solution. My point is that there are lots of creative ways to invite business expertise into your church without breaking the bank.

May you be the kind of church leader who welcomes business talent into your church so you can lead more effectively.

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