When Business Acumen and the Pastor’s Vision Collide

When Business Acumen and the Pastor’s Vision Collide 555 417 The Provisum Group

If an undertaking is meant to create margin, someone at the table has to talk about such practical considerations as price, cost, and return on investment. A committee will tell you, “These are the must-have.” “This is a have-to.”

The voice of business wants to cut “must-haves” and “have-tos” in order to create margin that will enable the church to serve as many people as possible.

There is always a tension between vision and practicality, but both are necessary. Even the pastor who wants to keep his church broke—the pastor who keeps his members dreaming of things so big, they could never happen unless God showed up—has to take practical steps toward that which he is trying to accomplish.

The voice of business ought not to argue with he faith of the visionary, and the visionary might not follow the voice of business with exact precision; but they should honor each other.

Money may follow ministry, but margin pays for it.

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