Using Empirical Evidence Can Help Prevent Unnecessary Conflicts

Using Empirical Evidence Can Help Prevent Unnecessary Conflicts 300 90 The Provisum Group


Empirical evidence is the key to keep a cool head in your church ministry. It actually helps prevent unnecessary conflict. Here’s why.

Those who conduct the business of church ministry have a God-given duty to be the voice of empirical reason at the table. Now, I want to be clear here: The foundation of the church is faith in Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, and its primary goal is to see lives redeemed and transformed through salvation and through relationships in community. But someone has to be a standard-bearer for empirical reason, if for no other reason than to make sure it is not ignored.

Empirical data can sometimes lead a church to make decisions that are difficult. Some of these decisions can offensive to some. In these moments, it is important to remember the tried and true principle that an evidence-based decision making approach is always better than limited information and anecdotal experiences.

As believers in Jesus, our very existence offends certain people. If we want to offend no one, we must say little and do even less. There is simply no way you can lead a church without offending somebody. It is bound to happen.

Someone will get mad. We can’t afford to worry about offending our congregants, and we especially can’t afford to fear angering our staff members.

In the light of our tendency to make decisions based on desperation to avoid conflict, you should make a habit of reviewing the empirical evidence before deciding how to proceed.

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