How to Work with Top Performers in Your Church

How to Work with Top Performers in Your Church 300 124 The Provisum Group


Does your church struggle to get things done?  Do you measure performance by how well-liked a person is or by the results he or she produces? Do you measure performance at all? Top performers generate results that can be measured. Most churches suffer from a lack of accountability. Like it or not, inspection is the genesis of measurement, and measurement is the foundation of accountability. And accountability is the catalyst for sustained results.

The purpose of a score (measurement) is to recognize desired behavior (or a lack thereof) and to determine the winner (define success). Elite athletes want to live in a world where scores matter. Top performers want to work in an environment where results matter and where people are rewarded for making a positive contribution. If your church can’t attract and retain top performers on its staff, if your church does a great deal of talk but has little to show for it, maybe you need to take a look at the work environment. Does your team spend most of its time worrying about what might go wrong or who might get upset? Or does your team spend its time making plans with the expectation of success and learning from its mistakes?

If your team is not as productive as you expect them to be, I suggest focusing in two areas: inspection and accountability.

Inspection. If there is a lack of inspection, it’s likely because inspection involves hard, time-consuming work that is probably going to ruffle some feathers, and you’re afraid of either the work or offending others.

Accountability. Accountability requires rewarding good performance (that’s the easy part) and penalizing poor performance (that’s the part everyone dreads). If this discussion of inspection and accountability brings to mind the names of specific staff members who are lacking in these areas, it means that you’ve already identified the problem and are allowing yourself the luxury of avoiding having to deal with it. If that is you, the lack of top performers on your team is a predictable byproduct of that luxury you’re indulging.

Remember: Top performers expect inspection, and they thrive in environments where people are held accountable for the quality of their work.

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