How to Manage Your Staff So that They Do What You’ve Asked Them To Do

How to Manage Your Staff So that They Do What You’ve Asked Them To Do 430 284 The Provisum Group

One of the most neglected parts of management, especially in churches, is accountability. And the most neglected part of accountability is consequences. The lack of both is slowly killing the church. Direction without accountability is like a race with no start. Accountability without consequences is like a race with no finish line. Without a start, there is no race. Without a finish line, there are no results.

If you and your staff have been talking about the same big ideas for a long time, and you are tired of just talking about the vision God gave you, start by taking the following actions in your staff meetings.

  • Start asking: “Who will do what, and by when?”
  • Make a list of action items regarding who is responsible for accomplishing each one.
  • Be sure to include the consequences of a failure to complete the action items.
  • Be ready for anything. Some will engage. Some will adapt. Some will resist. Some will rebel. Reward those who engage. Praise those who adapt. Develop personal improvement plans those (from leadership) who resist. Discipline those who refuse to be accountable.

Assigning and reviewing action items is the foundation of accountability. “Who is supposed to do what, and by when?” is a question that all excellent leaders ask, and all excellent staff members answer, on a daily basis.

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