Bring Your Communications Tools Out of the Dark Ages

Bring Your Communications Tools Out of the Dark Ages 300 200 The Provisum Group

When it comes to church communications, people’s preferences vary. Some prefer email; others prefer getting their updates via the church bulletin; others use social media on their smart phone; and still other use the church’s smart phone app.

This is why every smart church has a “multimedia” communication strategy—so that each person has access to whatever message the church leadership wants to convey via his/her preferred channel, whether email, texting, “snail mail”, bulletins, apps, phone calls, and so forth.

So how should you build your multimedia strategy?

  • One message, multiple mediums. Everyone has a preferred medium for receiving and send information. Ignoring a medium equals ignoring people who need to hear your message.
  • You are not them. Remember that anecdotal is what you think and empirical is what you know. Remember when someone uses words like “nobody, everybody, always or never” they are offering their opinion. If “everyone” hates telemarketers, why do telemarketers keep calling? Because some people prefer to communicate in person.
  • You need to create a plan that will empower you to stick with it and send the agreed upon communications on time every time. It doesn’t work if you don’t execute.

Remember, A brilliant idea accomplishes nothing. Turning that idea into reality is how we impact our community for the Kingdom.

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