How to Predict (and Grow) Giving in Your Church

How to Predict (and Grow) Giving in Your Church 300 231 The Provisum Group


One of the most overlooked and under-utilized assets in the church is your church’s database of donors and attendees.

When we fail to secure and build the database, it can be detrimental to our churches.

Churches should invest in managing and maintaining their database, as it stores empirical evidence of behaviors, desires, and contact information of people with a great or growing affinity to your organization. When you combine your attendance data with your data on donations and solicitation, your database becomes a fund-raising asset like no other.

Your database will actually direct you toward making money if you know the right questions to ask and how to find the answers. In your database lie the answers to questions such as these:

  • Who supports us?
  • What do our supporters like? Dislike?
  • Who is satisfied or dissatisfied with us?
  • Who is growing with us?
  • Who is leaving us?
  • Who is ready to give (more)?
  • How should we ask them to do so?
  • Who should ask them, and when?

Churches should consider data mining and predictive analytics available to them in their database. Churches should also protect their database. Secure it. Few people should touch it. Treat it like you treat cash.

If you protect your database, and look for information from it, you can help your church to continue to do great work in your community.

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