Millennials Will Give Your Church Money (if it’s easy to give)

Millennials Will Give Your Church Money (if it’s easy to give) 300 188 The Provisum Group


Christians need to learn to become givers, and the church needs to help them. Most people will not teach themselves to become more generous. Church leaders must teach them. Offer them multiple ways to make a positive difference in the world by their financial support. Give them various options of avenues which to give. Ask them to give.

Studies show that millennials—those between twenty-five and forty years of age—prefer high-tech methods of giving money. If you don’t offer them the options of making auto-payments or giving via text messaging, they’ll look at you as if your head is on backward.

Most of them don’t even know where their checkbooks are. They certainly don’t carry them around in their pockets.

The technology that supports high tech giving solutions is readily available and affordable; all it takes is someone in your ministry who’s willing to handle the legwork.

If you have more questions about how to build a strategy to convert your church into a high tech giving church, shoot me an email and we can discuss it.

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