Friction is Good

Friction is Good 300 130 The Provisum Group

Friction is a good and necessary part of life.

In ministry, as we make progress in doing what we love—see people come to Christ—we are bound to get a bit banged up. We create friction. It’s not just part of advancing the ministry; it’s essential for advancing the ministry. The church, especially in the western hemisphere, has been bending over backward so as not to offend anyone for the last forty years. And has it gotten us? Avoiding conflict is a luxury no church or ministry can afford.

Here are three things to remember about friction.

  • There is always friction where there is movement. Friction is the result of movement. Even an airplane flying has a coefficient of airflow that creates lift. If there’s no friction, nothing is moving.
  • Don’t fear friction. To fear friction is to fear growth. Don’t be afraid of the potential for anxiety simply because of friction—especially if you are bringing an issue to the attention of the church.
  • You can’t have one with out the other. Decide what you’re more afraid of: friction or no movement. Fear of friction will always lead to a lack of movement.
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