Post Christian Financial Prep

Post Christian Financial Prep 300 300 The Provisum Group

In the past forty years, The Western Church has gone from being a leading force in a Christian culture to a religious sect in a secular culture.

What does this mean for church financial administrators?

In Christian culture, churches and their leaders could more easily expect donations, and could afford larger church staffs and larger ministry budgets. Churches could afford to make bigger mistakes.

In a secular culture, and if trends continue, churches and their leaders may continue to witness a sharp decline in donations and charitable giving from attenders in the church.

I believe it is wise for every financial administrator and senior leadership team to develop a post-Christian financial mindset in three ways.

  • Leadership must take time to understand fundamental business principles. We must know the culture in which we operate.
  • Leadership must operate within their gift set and learn to develop great relationships with financial experts who can help them.
  • Leadership must understand the factors that parishioners use to determine if they will financially invest in their church.

Strategies like these are why The Provisum Group was born. The Provisum Group is a nonprofit organization designed to help leaders stay focused on ministry by serving their accounting, IT, and communications needs.

My advice is to prepare by surrounding yourself with savvy experts who can help you pivot to run a lean and mean church that is financially sound to insure huge Kingdom impact in the future.

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