Price Is Not Cost

Price Is Not Cost 300 300 The Provisum Group

When we compare potential church projects, we ask, “What is the cost of this?” “What is the cost of that?” But what we are really asking for are prices. Yet in business terms, the difference between price and cost is that price is what you pay for a thing, and cost is what you give up, don’t get, or give away. It’s like investing. When investing you want to measure return on investment. Price is what you pay. Return is what you get. In the Church, the return is how many people we reach for Christ. In the Church, the cost has to be measured in the resources we allocate (cost) plus how many people we do not reach (opportunity cost) because of our decisions, or lack of decision.

We cannot simply measure costs in dollars, resources and time. Start looking at the money your church spends as investments in God’s Kingdom, not the price of goods and services. But most importantly, measure costs in people not having an opportunity to hear the Gospel if you do the safe easy thing instead of the scary God thing.

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