Experience is Expensive

Experience is Expensive 500 333 The Provisum Group

The reason for hiring people with experience is because they have had “experiences”. If those people had only victories, they wouldn’t have wisdom. But if they had failures and losses, then they have the wisdom—the benefit of those experiences.

Remember the difference between experience and wisdom:

Experience is what you learn from your own mistakes.

Wisdom is what you learn from the mistakes of others.

Wisdom is what we need before we make a choice. Experience is what we gain after we have made our choice.

When you bring someone on your team with wisdom and you take time to listen and learn, it will be far less painful and cost far less than having the experience yourself.

So how do we gain wisdom?

  • Read and Study. You need to commit yourself to read and learn from the experience and wisdom of others. You are not above reading and learning. If fact, wise people commit to life-long learning.
  • Develop a Personal Board of Advisors. In other words, surround yourself with wise people who are good at what they do. When you seek the advice of experts who are for you and who like you, you will be more effective and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Pray for Wisdom. At the end of the day, God gives all wisdom. All truth is God’s truth. So seek the one who can supernaturally give you the wisdom that you need. In fact, God tells us to ask him for wisdom and that he will give it to us freely.
  • Seek out the opinion of people with whom you disagree. Don’t seek them out to prove your point or to argue. Rather seek to genuinely understand opinions different from your own in the spirit of civility. When you spend time with people who think differently, you will be sharpening what you believe and how you communicate it effectively with others.

May you gain wisdom in all of you ministry choices as you seek to find it.

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