Know Your Costs

Know Your Costs 300 227 The Provisum Group

Part 1 – On who is your church spending its money

Here is a little exercise to try. Think of all the people you know who gave their heart to Jesus in your church in the last year. It does not matter how you know or what the number is. Now double that number for the people who gave their heart to Jesus and did not tell you or anyone else. Now divide your church’s annual budget by the (doubled) number of souls saved. So now you have a number that represents the dollars your church spends for each new soul it sends to heaven in a year. Are you proud of the number? Now here is the meaningful part of this exercise. If you wanted to cut that cost per soul your church sends to heaven in half (whatever it is), would it be easier to double the number of salvations or cut your budget in half?

Now, take five minutes and write down everything you can think of to do that could increase the number of salvations in your church in the next twelve months. For example, you could have an altar call at the end of each service or you could invite a soul-winning evangelist to come to your church and hold a revival. Whatever you come up with, the souls that don’t go to heaven next year and the lives not changed are the opportunity cost of not doing the things you just wrote down. What if your church’s goal was to cut the price it pays per soul in half and you only had one year to do it? How different would your budget look? Get this concept of opportunity cost into your spirit and the spirit of the people you lead. Then direct your budget accordingly. Call me in a year and we will celebrate how God honors your decision.

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