Pastors Need (at least some) Business Training

Pastors Need (at least some) Business Training 300 224 The Provisum Group

I love how seminaries train our clergy to understand the bible and how to exegete appropriately. Many of these schools even attempt to teach historically proven ministry methods. However, many higher educational institutions don’t always teach church leaders how to practically manage the organization.

In my experience as a consultant, businessperson, and large church executive, I have found the following areas of learning opportunity to be particularly helpful among pastors:

  • Accountability: how to ensure accountability for employees and their goals.
  • Conflict Management: how conflict can be helpful in an organization.
  • Understanding Costs: there are many types of cost far more expensive than price.
  • Fundraising Training: how to teach and execute a culture of generosity in the church.
  • Human Resources: how to hire the right people for the right job and stay out of harm’s way.

I have found that when church leaders seek training in these areas, their ministries flourish. Even if you haven’t received specific training in these areas, it is out there and you can find it. And, by all means, keep attending great seminaries. Just remember to supplement what you don’t learn in higher education with real world training.

May you seek to learn to engage our culture with every fiber of your being because Jesus and His Kingdom are always worth it.

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