Principles for Minding His Business

Principles for Minding His Business 208 300 The Provisum Group

Minding His Business Principle 1
The greatest cost most churches will incur is “opportunity cost” — the price of doing the safe, easy thing — or, even worse, doing nothing—instead of the “scary,” God thing.

Minding His Business Principle 2
People making business decisions that impact the church or congregation need to know what they’re doing. Hire people with proven track records and solid reputations to conduct the business of the church.

Minding His Business Principle 3
Before you decide on what you are going to do, spend some time considering how you are going to do it and how you will keep it going.

Minding His Business Principle 4
Turning business decisions into matters of personal preference causes progress to grind to a halt. It is better to reach many outside your church and risk upsetting a few inside your church than to reach only a few and upset no one.

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