Corona Virus: How Your Church can Thrive in These Troubled Times.

Corona Virus: How Your Church can Thrive in These Troubled Times. 800 600 The Provisum Group

We are living in unprecedented times. Many local leaders have asked the church to temporarily close her doors for the good of the population. Only in a pandemic could not gathering to worship God be considered “the right thing to do.” While we are all concerned, I think it is safe to say most people believe this viral outbreak will end one day.

But how does the church survive until then? There are 5 things your church can do right now to thrive in these troubled times. Most of us spent this past weekend in a virtual church service. Many scrambled to create some sort of video streaming mechanism. This past Monday, many churches woke up to a new reality of locked doors and diminished giving.

In Genesis 26 we read of a famine in Israel. Many people were heading south to Egypt where conditions were less severe. But God said to Isaac, “Do not go down to Egypt. Abide where I tell you. There I will be with you and I will bless you.” Isaac obeyed God.  In the middle of a drought, Isaac took God at His word and planted crops and dug wells. Isaac stepped out in faith and without fear he chose to live like there was no drought and let everyone see him do it.

That, my friends, is what the church needs to do right now. We need to have faith.

We need to live like we are not afraid and we need to let the world see us do it.

Here is how we can do that:

  1. Reach Out– Encourage your congregation to reach out to friends and family to “join us” for a livestream (Website and Facebook Live) “service of hope”.
  2. Hope– Offer a daily devotional (texting) and encourage your congregation to send it to everyone they know.
  3. Teach– Offer lessons (Podcast would be perfect) like Genesis 26 that show how a good God blesses His people in times of peril.
  4. Inspire– Be the best church your church can be. Lead your community in service to others and let the world see you do it.
  5. Thrive– Isaac sowed in a drought and he was blessed for it. Encourage your congregation to do the same thing.  Now is a great time to advocate for online and auto giving.  There is a universe of online and text-to-give solutions.

I know that some of the technical obstacles mentioned above could seem prohibitive for some churches. But at The Provisum Group, we want to Reach Out to you and offer you Hope. We would love to discuss (Teach) with you how your church can remove these technical obstacles, inspire you to be the church your community needs right now, so you and your congregation can thrive in this challenging time.

In the middle of a drought, Isaac sowed in faith and was blessed for it.

Choose blessed.

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