Staying Connected While Staying Apart

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It has been almost one whole month since my church and many of the churches that we serve here at the Provisum Group closed their doors and encouraged their parishioners to stay at home. While some churches have chosen to stay open, the vast majority of churches in the United States have decided to stay home. The Great Commission, however, doesn’t stop applying during times of crisis or pestilence. No, now is the time for the Church to be the Church and find new ways to stay connected while staying apart.

By our nature of serving churches all around the country, we are privileged to witness a lot of innovation and, unfortunately, a lot of cloistering as well. Some churches are paralyzed with not knowing what to do. I’ve written previously about how Facebook live and other streaming platforms have helped pastors continue holding their Sunday services online. I’ve also written about how online, recurring giving can help stem the tide of lost offerings. All of these are important to help churches perform the basic functions of being a church but what I have been most impressed with is some of the things churches have done to connect with their community. Here are some of my favorites that you could implement in your church:

  1. Children’s ministers and Sunday school teachers are writing letters to all of their children sharing with them silly stories and parables
  2. Men’s ministries are still holding their monthly cookouts online with each man grilling their own burgers and holding a contest for the most garish Hawaiian shirt
  3. Pastors have spent their funds that would have been spent on their church’s (deferred) mortgages and helped laid off people in their community
  4. Parishioners have organized discounts with restaurants for takeout so they can still have their Wednesday night meal and bible study online
  5. A few attorneys in one church put together free, online legal clinics to help renters in the community negotiate rent forgiveness with their landlords

These ministries have not forgotten the mission of the Church and have taken on the mantel of being a beacon of hope in their community in this difficult time. If you are not proactively reaching out to the neighborhood, how will they know who they can turn to in this difficult time? What is your church doing to reach your county, town or city? If you can’t think of anything you are currently doing, get your leadership team together and figure out one thing you can do while complying with your state’s public health orders.

Still need help figuring out where you can serve? Contact us at The Provisum Group. We work with churches all over the United States to help them reach their community and fulfill the Great Commission. The call is free and our team can help you realize and execute your church’s mission.

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