Virtual Staff for Ministry Made Easy


At The Provisum Group, we help pastors, church administrators, and non-profit directors all across the United States by providing turn-key business solutions to meet their everyday needs. Our team handles the details of ministry while you focus your resources on your mission towards church growth.

The Provisum Group, we help pastors, church administrators and non-profit directors

Navigating social media, website maintenance and bulletins can be time-consuming and confusing. Our communications team works with you to expand your reach and grow your church community, on time, every week.

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The Provisum Group supports church accounting helping to free up your resources for ministry and grow your church

Our church accounting department consists of professional CPAs and Accountants with decades of combined experience. Let our team handle your books, pay your bills, manage your payroll, and administrate your budget and much more. Free up your resources so that you can get back to God’s most important work in your church.

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The Provisum Group supports your IT needs freeing up your resources for ministry and church growth

Our IT department can build and manage a cloud-based information management solution for you so that you can focus on your ministry to grow your church and never have to worry about technology again. Our specialities include phone apps, robocalls, email support, servers and more!

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Remote shared services for ministry. Learn how The Provisum Group supports you and church growth.

Our seasoned and professional staff has decades of accounting, communication, IT and ministry growth experience and are ready to make your life easier serving you and the ministry you lead furthering your church growth.

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