How to Raise More Money (Part 2)
How to Raise More Money (Part 2) 300 168 The Provisum Group

If you want to raise more money, you need to learn about the different ways that money can be raised in churches. There are six main categories for churches to collect charitable revenue. The Annual Campaign. Historically, tithes and offerings have been the only source of revenue for most churches. A national average shows that US…

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Follow Up
Follow Up 300 300 The Provisum Group

People will visit your church for lots of different reasons, but they stick around because of the relationships they form with other people in your church. The first on-ramp to getting connected in a church is follow-up.  The simple fact is that churches who follow up and prioritize healthy relationships tend to grow both deep and…

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Experience is Expensive
Experience is Expensive 500 333 The Provisum Group

The reason for hiring people with experience is because they have had “experiences”. If those people had only victories, they wouldn’t have wisdom. But if they had failures and losses, then they have the wisdom—the benefit of those experiences. Remember the difference between experience and wisdom: Experience is what you learn from your own mistakes.…

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Four Ways to Grow Respect in Church Business Affairs
Four Ways to Grow Respect in Church Business Affairs 1024 654 The Provisum Group

In real life, business really must be just business. Business isn’t personal unless someone makes it personal out of a business activity or decision. Decisions have to be made. One idea has to be chosen among all the options. These are the business realities of life, and they apply to kingdom work as well.  …

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Post Christian Financial Prep
Post Christian Financial Prep 300 300 The Provisum Group

In the past forty years, The Western Church has gone from being a leading force in a Christian culture to a religious sect in a secular culture. What does this mean for church financial administrators? In Christian culture, churches and their leaders could more easily expect donations, and could afford larger church staffs and larger…

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Friction is Good
Friction is Good 300 130 The Provisum Group

Friction is a good and necessary part of life. In ministry, as we make progress in doing what we love—see people come to Christ—we are bound to get a bit banged up. We create friction. It’s not just part of advancing the ministry; it’s essential for advancing the ministry. The church, especially in the western hemisphere,…

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When To Test God
When To Test God 212 300 The Provisum Group

Malachi 3:10 says: “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” All…

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Price Is Not Cost
Price Is Not Cost 300 300 The Provisum Group

When we compare potential church projects, we ask, “What is the cost of this?” “What is the cost of that?” But what we are really asking for are prices. Yet in business terms, the difference between price and cost is that price is what you pay for a thing, and cost is what you give…

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How to Predict (and Grow) Giving in Your Church
How to Predict (and Grow) Giving in Your Church 300 231 The Provisum Group

  One of the most overlooked and under-utilized assets in the church is your church’s database of donors and attendees. When we fail to secure and build the database, it can be detrimental to our churches. Churches should invest in managing and maintaining their database, as it stores empirical evidence of behaviors, desires, and contact…

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Bring Your Communications Tools Out of the Dark Ages
Bring Your Communications Tools Out of the Dark Ages 300 200 The Provisum Group

When it comes to church communications, people’s preferences vary. Some prefer email; others prefer getting their updates via the church bulletin; others use social media on their smart phone; and still other use the church’s smart phone app. This is why every smart church has a “multimedia” communication strategy—so that each person has access to…

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