The Provisum Group provides a broad array of administrative services, but we also offer many creative services. The sections below highlight our portfolio including website development and support, mobile application development and support, design and branding, and digital communication strategies.


First Impressions

A first impression is everything! “Deciding what to do is easy; figuring out how to execute it is far more difficult, but it’s the ‘how’ that gets things done.” We are here to help with the how, why and who your website should be targeting.

We work with you and will make your website accomplish its intended purpose…enlighten awareness, organize your ministry and overall help make the website easy for your guests and members to navigate!


On the Go

Today, everyone is on the move! Reach them with your own mobile app…but why stop there? Why not send push notifications about sermons or videos.

Want to send a bible verse a day? Don’t just copy your website into a mobile version, target the mobile app for reaching people instantly! We have the resources to help you make this happen! Take a look at some of the mobile apps we have designed.


Creative and Innovative

We create innovative work in a wide range of media and through a variety of disciplines. We work with you to make sure you receive the look you want!

Our process is easy…we walk you through a series of questions and keep the process moving to meet the deadlines created for a timely process in a fast paced organization.




Stay Connected

Sending regular emails is a great way to keep everyone up to date! We hate SPAM as much as you do, that is why we work with one click unsubscribe systems. Whether you want to promote an event, send a weekly email, a prayer chain, etc., let us create custom emails for you.

We can also help you create the groups you are looking for to send targeted emails. This way people are getting the information they want, not bombarded with everything and opting out.